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How to help you and the Peace Prevails Project too.

Catherine Foster
by Catherine Foster on 2/2/2009 10:29:53 AMHow to earn income selling my artwork and helping yourself , others and charities.

Peace Weavings

Hello Family and Friends,

I’m always looking for new ways to market my art or at least thinking of new ways. Art marketing can be expensive and time intensive. Artists can market their art through sites like Imagekind, email lists, social media sites, a blog, a web site, gallery shows, etc.
Since my artwork and designs help to support 4 different individuals/groups, I am always looking for more ways to help them also.

So where do artists find buyers? As Clint Watson once said, “A collector is anyone that purchases your art, whether it’s your mailman or the president of a corporation.”

How I Market My Art

I’m also working on combining my website gallery into my new blog, checking out Twitter and FriendFeed to see what that can do for marketing from a Web 2.0 social kind of thing.

So after looking at how professional bloggers promote products by affiliation on their blog, I decided to add an art affiliate program on my blog. This is the current state of the program and with time I will tweak it to see what works best.

Here’s how it works:

1. I post selected paintings of my work on my blog to sell.
2. You sell my art for me and make a commission.
A. For artwork priced between $2,000 to $6,000 you will receive 10%
B. For artwork priced between $1,000 to $1999.00 you will receive 15%
C. For artwork priced between $100-999.00 you will receive 20%

Note: There will be times where I’ll lose my mind and increase the %, so make sure you subscribe at

Be sure to click the little orange box to sign up to follow my blog so you don’t miss a chance to make some good cha-cha-change - $$. I will post images of artwork and prices on a regular basis.
How to stay connected with new artwork posted- click the RSS feed.

Here’s how to sell my art:

1. Place an image of my art on your blog or website. Write a blog post about it if you like or just tell people to email you if they are interested in buying one of my paintings.
You can also show people my website with images. Just be sure they do not purchase from this site for I will not know if it came from you or not, but it will be a great place to show current artwork available.

2. Tell people to contact you by email, phone, etc. However you want the buyer to contact you.

Here’s how someone buys my art through you:

1. If you have a committed buyer, I send you a PayPal link that you have your buyer go to and purchase a specific piece of my art.
2. As soon as the payment is cleared at PayPal, you provide me the address of the buyer and I’ll send the art to the buyer.
3. You tell me where and how you want your commission sent to you. All payouts will come from PayPal only.
4. After the 7-day “no questions asked” return policy has expired, your affiliate payout will be sent.


I will pay shipping costs on pieces of artwork. I will ship all art in a box that is closest to the size of the art. It will be bubble wrapped and packing peanuts will be used if necessary. Shipping will include insurance on the larger artworks.

Where shipping costs become excessive, alternate shipping plans can be discussed. The large kimonos require a wood box to be created. There will have to be an extra charge to make these boxes.

How refunds will work:

1. If the art is returned during the 7-day “no questions asked” time period, it must be returned in the condition it was in the photograph.
2. Shipping costs on returned art will include insurance and be paid by the buyer.
3. A full refund will be sent out from my PayPal account to the buyer.

The affiliate program is open to anyone, individuals, organizations, galleries, etc. You promote my art on your blog, website or anywhere by copying an image of the art provided on my blog. PayPal is a trusted source for financial transactions.

If you have any questions please send me an email at and use this contact form to send me an email.
“ I know that within my heart and soul that peace prevails and is spoken in many languages”

Catherine Foster
Weaving Peace Through Art

This months special for win-win and Peace Prevails Project. 
by Catherine Foster on 2/26/2009 9:39:15 PM

Rainbow of Peace sell them separately or as a group:

Find out how you can help earn income for yourself and/or your favorite charity by first reading the instructions at:

This months specials are the Peace Prevails Weavings in rainbow colors. Purchase one or all the colors. They are great to place near your front or back door as a reminder to be the peace you want to experience in the world. "Peace Starts with Me" is a favorite mantra of mine.

Each weaving is 11"x11" embossed with world languages of peace. Individually each piece sells for $135.00. You will receive 20% of any purchases that come through you of the Peace Weavings when you sell the artwork to family and friends. You can give your 20 % to a charity or keep it for yourself.

I give a percentage of my profits to my favorite charities: Treehouse For Kids, The Power of Hope and Seniors Making Art. You will also be helping me do more of this wonderful giving. I think it is a win-win for everyone.

Have questions? email me, Catherine by going to the contact link on my website
Be sure to print out the directions at

Do you want to earn 10% of the price of a kimono? Take a look at my artwork to check and see what is available in the Catherine Foster Art Studio. Be sure to check that it is still for sale before talking to your friends and family.

Thank you for your support. The Peace Prevails Project is something that I have been working on for over 6 years and has my heart and soul in every piece combining my passion for art and healing to serve in the world.

Catherine Foster
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