Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doing the Can Can because they can can

Such Fun.. Love this happy dance. http://bit.ly/1alDWO

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gloria Burgess Guest on Art and Soul Radio

You are invited to tune in online at Art and Soul Radio's first show with our special guest Gloria Burgess. Gloria will share insights on her book "Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside".


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aug 17 2009 VID00026 1

The Prosperity Tribe has been such a blessing in my life. Find out more about how you can fulfill your life more and prosper from what you love to do. http://www.wishyoupeace.com

Monday, July 13, 2009

July Newsletter- Come say hello!

  Have a Great Day!!! See  This is my Grate Wind Chime..see note at bottom of the newsletter
( this is my granddaughter Ana holding my wind chime)

Wishing you a great day today!* Wow it is July already. Can you believe it? Special Invite for you: I am the featured artist at Earthenworks Gallery in Port Townsend WA  On July 16th.2009 This coming Thursday!

 http://www.meetmeinporttownsend.com/ Meet Me in Port Townsend between 1-5pm     Earthenworks Gallery- 702 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368- 360-385-0328 I have new designs I would love to have you see in person.  ****************************** Come to the Port Gamble Art Show/fair in Kingston! July 24,25,26th  Booth #21 at:  Come to the park right next to the ferry at the end of NE State Highway 104 Kingston WA. Please come by and say hello to Alex Holland of HollandArts and our daughter Janelle Holland.  They have beautiful copper artwork and will have some of my new designs, a kimono and more.  I will be watching our granddaughter Ana, and will come in and out during that time. Hope to see you there! ***************************************** Artists- this is a great site to join. Artists2Artists associated with the Art Deadline list.  I am the featured artist the week of July 27th.  I have written an article about how artists can promote themselves on twitter and facebook. Hope you enjoy!http://www.artists2artists.net/profile/CatherineFoster ***************************************** Learn from the best: The Prosperity Tribe is starting on July 16th. They have a special offer of only $27 to try it out. Kristin and David Morelli are the most incredible teachers of how to manifest your dreams, clear patterns and blocks that are keeping you from living your life from what you do and love the best.  You can check out all the incredible gifts you will receive this month here:http://bit.ly/1alDWO ***************************************** Let's connect Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/cath4art Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Catherine-Foster-Art-Studio/79799161779?ref=ts You Tube- http://www.youtube.com/cath4art Linkedin- http://www.linkedin.com/in/catherinefoster Artists2Artists: http://www.artists2artists.net/profile/CatherineFoster Podcast where you can teach your classes and learn from others.:http://www.podclass.com/cath4art/ I am no expert in the social networking area, but I enjoy and expand my learning from the best: Mari Smith is considered the queen of Twitter and Facebook as far as knowing how to do it right! http://bit.ly/m2lCc

* About wishing you a "great day"! My sister Ellie Lange creates special wind chimes. This is the one she created for me. Why all the grates? She said that I am always saying "Have a great day" so she made me one to go with that saying. Thank You Ellie.   You can find Ellies special wind chimes at: The Playful Garden in Napa Calif. http://www.theplayfulgarden.com/home.html PS this is a very special store! Owned by my sister Mimi Glavin She also features the artwork of my sister Susie Miller, my neice Molly Perolio and my kimonos!WOOOHOOO Mimi! This is a family affair PPS My sister Diana Higbee Reginato is also very creative as are all my siblings (family of 9!) Please go to Diana's trailer on her book " While the Wind Blows" here: http://bit.ly/QtERC Thank you for spending time with me today. Wishing you all a great day! Catherine ARE YOU ON MY MAILING LIST: do you need to update your email or do you want to pass my newsletter on to other people? I so appreciate your support. Just go to: cath4art@gmail.com and let me know if you want your name added or deleted. Thank you for being in my life experience. catherine Watch my blog: Http://www.catherine-foster.com/blog 

Catherine Foster and Peace Prevails | 19689 7th Ave. NE #351 | Poulsbo, WA


Monday, June 22, 2009





The Story of how I started doing “Soul Art Energy Pattern Healings”
Testimonials on Soul Paintings:
Merging the Artist and Healer:Information on the process and cost:

*one hour healing session (value $120)
1.one hour session (value $120) includes clearing blocks, a sketch of your soul signature sent by email to you.
2. Unmatted ready to frame 16’x20” approx. size (value $400)
3. Paid shipping of finished painting (value $25.00)

Total Value $545.00 for only $200

1.*one hour session ( value $120) includes clearing blocks etc. and me doing a sketch of what I intuitively see.

2.Finished painting 12”x16” matted 16”x20” ready for you to frame (value $500)
(Option to have a larger painting created:
18”x24” unmatted ready to frame: ( Value $1200- with this special will be $700)
24”x36” unmatted ready to frame: (Value $3600- with this special will be $3000)

3.Shipping WILL BE INCLUDED! in this special.

4.Extra Tune up session (valued at: $60)

Total Value $680 - $3780 depending on size of the finished painting.


HOW TO SET UP YOUR APPT: call Catherine 360-598-4540 and/or email catherinefoster@mac.com to make an appt.

Payment is through Pay Pal. Directions, go to: https://www.paypal.com/ Click on “Send Money” use my email: catherinefoster@mac.com to send the amount above for either Package A,B, or C.Put a note with your name, address, email etc. with the payment please.

I look forward to serving you. It is a joy to do this work combining my art and healing skills.
Thank you, Catherine Foster

Sunday, May 31, 2009



Are you living at your highest potential? Is your soul calling for a deeper and more joyful experience? Are you ready to release past patterns and blocks that are keeping you from living in more abundance following your passion?

It is my joy to present for the first time a new healing method created through following my passion that I call “Soul Art Energy Patterns”.

Will this be the secret to unlocking your true passion, purpose and authentic self for living a life of abundance? I do not know the answer to that question, but am here to help guide you discover your true self.

Your soul has distinct patterns that can be compared to that of your fingerprints. I first became aware of these many years ago after my dear niece Jan passed from cancer at age 28. Her passing was a deep gift to many in my family who also experienced the power of healing energies through pure love. Through our love, Jan lived a few months longer than doctors expected. It was truly a turning point in my life as an artist and it began my search to learn more about healing energies. Many of us in my large family became healers in a variety of ways after this incredible experience.

After Jan’s death, I was having trouble understanding what had transpired and sought help. I was put under hypnosis and taken up to heaven so that I could see and feel what it was like on the other side. There I clearly saw Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha and other spiritual leaders presented to me in a physical appearance. Also there I saw people I knew who had passed and those that had not yet passed from earthly existence in patterns of colors and forms. I understood that we each have our own unique color pattern energy signatures.

I truly believe that this information has come back through me at this time to serve in my highest good in the world using both my talents as a successful artist and as a healer. My soul has been yearning to stop hiding the healer behind the artist and I am so pleased and excited to share this gift with others.

In love and joy, Catherine Foster

Artist, AIWP Ordained Minister, Usui and Shamballa Reiki Master, Expressive Arts Coach, Transitional Coach , Soul Recognition Facilitator, Energy healer, Sacred Space facilitator, Vibrational healing and more.


I just had to let you know. For the first time in months I slept through the night and awoke feeling refreshed with much less pain (discomfort) in the areas you cleared. Also I dreamt about beavers and according to Animal Speak beaver represents the opportunity to build on your dreams and to act on our dreams to make them a reality--when beaver shows up it's time for action and beaver can show you how to construct wonderful dreams. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. S

P.S. The yellow gold color has been important to me for a few years now--what this feels like to me is my personal power (plexus) and my connexion to the divine (purple) merging. And I love the bluebird of happiness.

According to Angeles Arrien, the spiral symbolizes the process of growth and evolution. It is a process of coming to the same point again and again but at a different level so that everything is seen in a new light. The result is a new perspective on issues, people and places. People involved in the spiral process have a strong need for variety, novelty and change. They dread routine and are capable of doing multiple tasks well. Creative and ingenious, they are adept at initiating and following up on projects although they may have some difficulty completing them (THAT WAS ME!). The challenge of this process is to grow and develop at different levels of awareness.

So, to me, the spiral being gold is significant to my new awareness and evolutionary change.

Sheryl Allen 206-851-7130

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Truly feeling peace within now.

Have you ever felt so fantastic-- so filled up with life-- that you just had to let out a huge “wooooo hoooo!” at the top of your lungs? Well if not, you’ve got to take a minute to read this because that is the way I’ve been living my life over the past month. I’ve participating in one of the most powerful programs to come around in years – maybe decades! It’s called “40 Days and 40 Nights with Kristin and David Morelli.” Kristin and David are founders of the radio show “Everything is Energy” and wow-wee are we making some big shifts!

I have been moving energy and breaking down my deepest blocks to abun^dance and authentic we^alth like I have never done before, and we still have a few days left in the program. One of biggest breakthroughs that I have experienced is…. Starting to do the artwork and healing work that truly fulfills me and as a result I am on my . I have started to do "Soul Pattern artwork or Soul Signatures" where I do healing over the phone with people then paint what I see as their inner patterns of color. I LOVE IT! I will write more soon about the peace I feel.

If you don’t know Kristin and David, Kristin is a self-made multimil^lionaire (by age 30) and David is an energy worker of the highest caliber who is sought after by many well-known teachers of the Law of Attraction to work with them on breaking through their blocks to we^alth. Together they are a powerful team who have made a decision to be a part of the shift from lack to abun^dance. True Abun^dance = an abun^dance that embraces mon^ey and ALL good things in life.

On our coaching call last Tuesday, Kristin and David shared with us a sneak peek of “what’s next” after the 40 Days and 40 Nights program comes to a close in a few days. It is going to be absolutely awesome because this couple is nothing short of amazing! I am so grateful for having found them and for saying “YES!” to coming under their mentorship. Stay tuned; as soon as I have the details, I’ll pass them on to you.

In the meantime, meet Kristin and David at this link: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=3039191

Catherine in joy, love and peace! WOOOOOHOOOOOO

Monday, April 6, 2009

News About theWing Luke Museum Auction

Wow, life just keeps getting more and more exciting! On Sat. Fred and I went to the auction at the Harbor Convention Center in Seattle and received VIP treatment from the museum.

My Peace Prevails Kimono #13 received much attention. one of the highlights of the night was meeting our next Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and his beautiful wife Mona. What a treat! Mona reminds me of Michelle Obama and is a very gracious person. When they get to Washington DC and know what kind of space they have to work with, Mona said she would call and commission me for a Peace Prevails Kimono. I am not holding my breath, but am hopeful that one of my peace artworks will be in our countries capital.

Then on top of all that, the kimono sold well over the retail price. The new owners John Sy-Eng and Sandy Chock-Eng are part of the Wing Luke family. I got to have my picture taken with them. So when they finish painting their living room they are giving a party for us to celebrate the hanging of the Peace kimono in their home. You can see a catalog of the art at the auction here http://www.wingluke.org/home.htm

I feel so very very honored and blessed. My dreams about getting the Peace Prevails Project out into the world is coimg true.

Artists....never give up!

Here is to a bright sunny day in the NW! Catherine

PS I was worried about my cast from my broken wrist at the auction. It turned out to be a way to start a conversation when people asked me how I broke my wrist.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

At Last.... I have the song in my mind

Dear All,

It has almost been a year since I was contacted by J.D, Associates in CA about a kimono for UC Irving Hospital in Calif. Another 8 months before the hospital purchased the kimono. 

Yea!!!!! it is now installed on the second floor at the new UC Irvine Hospital in CA.   I am not sure if the hospital is open yet, but if you live close, please stop in and say hello to Kimono #26.

This is the first purchase from a hospital and I intend to have more artworks in many more.

So fun!


ps for more news please go to: http://cather-foster.com/blog

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art show opening Lawrence Gallery

I am so excited to share my video of my art opening at Lawrence Gallery. Catherine

The Seattle Peace Chorus exciting "2009 Peace Odyssey"

A good friend of mine just sent me this iformation on the Seattle Peace Chorus. I think this is a great link for the Peace Prevails Project.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR TODAY! Attend the Seattle Peace Chorus' exciting "2009: A Peace Odyssey" Auction on Saturday, April 4, 2009, 5:00 p.m. at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, 2100 Boyer Ave. E. Seattle 98112. Please join us and support our mission to "Wage Peace through Song." For more than 25 years, the Chorus has carried its message of peace and social justice around the world. We've traveled in the United States and to the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Chile and Venezuela. In 2010, the Seattle Peace Chorus takes another trip. We are considering Iran, Israel/Palestine, Nicaragua/Guatemala and New Orleans and the trip destination will be announced at the April 4th Auction. Proceeds support SPC's ongoing operating expenses and our next trip. To make online reservations, go tohttp://www.seattlepeacechorus.org/auction2009.html, or e-mail info@seattlepeacechorus.org, or call 206-264-5532.

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the MYSTERIOUS; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science." ALbert EInstein

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The picture story of how "Gloria" the Maiden of Peace was Created

Here it has been almost 3 months already since my show at C Art Gallery. Here is a picture story of how Gloria was created. Enjoy! Catherine

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30308901&id=1354062400#/album.php?aid=2018594&id=135 4062400&page=2

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magic Can Happen for all of us!

I just want to share with you that it is important to never give up! Magic can come into all of our lives when we follow our hearts and stay true to ourselves.

You are personally invited to stop by and say hello this Sunday March 8th. I am proud to experience the largest showing of my artwork in a gallery over a 35+ year career. This is a monumental moment in my life and another stepping stone to manifesting my Peace Prevails Project.

Please share the information below with family, friends and people you know who love art and wine! The Sheridan Gallery is right in the middle of Oregon's fantastic wine country. (You can also see some of my artwork in the other two Lawrence galleries. Please stop by and say hello to my babies- each piece is like one of my own children that I have released out into the world to stand on their own.)

March 1- April 30, 2009
Catherine Foster, Mixed Media
Artists’ reception: Sunday, March 8, 2009 2:00-4:00 pm

This is a sample of some of the pieces in the show:

Where is the gallery? Lawrence Gallery Sheridan In the Heart of Oregon Wine Country

19700 SW Highway 18
Sheridan, OR 97378

PH: 503.843.3633
10:00am to 5:30pm daily

Artist Statement:
"My true passion is the creative process. From the moment of inspiration to the development in my mind to the actual creation, I maintain a dialogue with the artwork and my inner self. It is that special time between the spark of inspiration and the completed piece that marks both reality and the total immersion of creativity. The end product becomes a physical manifestation of this creative process that has the ability to stir something deep within us with its mysterious beauty. "

Catherine Foster- Artist and Reiki Master Healer

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to help you and the Peace Prevails Project too.

Catherine Foster
by Catherine Foster on 2/2/2009 10:29:53 AMHow to earn income selling my artwork and helping yourself , others and charities.

Peace Weavings

Hello Family and Friends,

I’m always looking for new ways to market my art or at least thinking of new ways. Art marketing can be expensive and time intensive. Artists can market their art through sites like Imagekind, email lists, social media sites, a blog, a web site, gallery shows, etc.
Since my artwork and designs help to support 4 different individuals/groups, I am always looking for more ways to help them also.

So where do artists find buyers? As Clint Watson once said, “A collector is anyone that purchases your art, whether it’s your mailman or the president of a corporation.”

How I Market My Art

I’m also working on combining my website gallery into my new blog, checking out Twitter and FriendFeed to see what that can do for marketing from a Web 2.0 social kind of thing.

So after looking at how professional bloggers promote products by affiliation on their blog, I decided to add an art affiliate program on my blog. This is the current state of the program and with time I will tweak it to see what works best.

Here’s how it works:

1. I post selected paintings of my work on my blog to sell.
2. You sell my art for me and make a commission.
A. For artwork priced between $2,000 to $6,000 you will receive 10%
B. For artwork priced between $1,000 to $1999.00 you will receive 15%
C. For artwork priced between $100-999.00 you will receive 20%

Note: There will be times where I’ll lose my mind and increase the %, so make sure you subscribe at

Be sure to click the little orange box to sign up to follow my blog so you don’t miss a chance to make some good cha-cha-change - $$. I will post images of artwork and prices on a regular basis.
How to stay connected with new artwork posted- click the RSS feed.

Here’s how to sell my art:

1. Place an image of my art on your blog or website. Write a blog post about it if you like or just tell people to email you if they are interested in buying one of my paintings.
You can also show people my website with images. Just be sure they do not purchase from this site for I will not know if it came from you or not, but it will be a great place to show current artwork available. http://catherine-foster.com/works

2. Tell people to contact you by email, phone, etc. However you want the buyer to contact you.

Here’s how someone buys my art through you:

1. If you have a committed buyer, I send you a PayPal link that you have your buyer go to and purchase a specific piece of my art.
2. As soon as the payment is cleared at PayPal, you provide me the address of the buyer and I’ll send the art to the buyer.
3. You tell me where and how you want your commission sent to you. All payouts will come from PayPal only.
4. After the 7-day “no questions asked” return policy has expired, your affiliate payout will be sent.


I will pay shipping costs on pieces of artwork. I will ship all art in a box that is closest to the size of the art. It will be bubble wrapped and packing peanuts will be used if necessary. Shipping will include insurance on the larger artworks.

Where shipping costs become excessive, alternate shipping plans can be discussed. The large kimonos require a wood box to be created. There will have to be an extra charge to make these boxes.

How refunds will work:

1. If the art is returned during the 7-day “no questions asked” time period, it must be returned in the condition it was in the photograph.
2. Shipping costs on returned art will include insurance and be paid by the buyer.
3. A full refund will be sent out from my PayPal account to the buyer.

The affiliate program is open to anyone, individuals, organizations, galleries, etc. You promote my art on your blog, website or anywhere by copying an image of the art provided on my blog. PayPal is a trusted source for financial transactions.

If you have any questions please send me an email at http://catherine-foster.com/contact and use this contact form to send me an email.
“ I know that within my heart and soul that peace prevails and is spoken in many languages”

Catherine Foster
Weaving Peace Through Art

This months special for win-win and Peace Prevails Project. 
by Catherine Foster on 2/26/2009 9:39:15 PM

Rainbow of Peace sell them separately or as a group:


Find out how you can help earn income for yourself and/or your favorite charity by first reading the instructions at: http://catherine-foster.com/blog/8334

This months specials are the Peace Prevails Weavings in rainbow colors. Purchase one or all the colors. They are great to place near your front or back door as a reminder to be the peace you want to experience in the world. "Peace Starts with Me" is a favorite mantra of mine.

Each weaving is 11"x11" embossed with world languages of peace. Individually each piece sells for $135.00. You will receive 20% of any purchases that come through you of the Peace Weavings when you sell the artwork to family and friends. You can give your 20 % to a charity or keep it for yourself.

I give a percentage of my profits to my favorite charities: Treehouse For Kids, The Power of Hope and Seniors Making Art. You will also be helping me do more of this wonderful giving. I think it is a win-win for everyone.

Have questions? email me, Catherine by going to the contact link on my website http://www.catherine-foster.com
Be sure to print out the directions at http://catherine-foster.com/blog/8334

Do you want to earn 10% of the price of a kimono? Take a look at my artwork to check and see what is available in the Catherine Foster Art Studio. Be sure to check that it is still for sale before talking to your friends and family.

Thank you for your support. The Peace Prevails Project is something that I have been working on for over 6 years and has my heart and soul in every piece combining my passion for art and healing to serve in the world.

Catherine Foster
www. absolutearts.com
Learning Tools for your success:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Join my fan page to keep in touch!

Being in Peace while I work is a challenge. How does one really focus in peace?

I try by meditating every day and work on being grounded. While I create, I think peace, joy and love. But there are always times when it is not that easy. It is like patting ones head and rubbing the tummy at the same time.

May you be in peace today and every day.


I invite you to join my fan page on facebook. Evidently this is an easy way to stay in touch with everyone on the fan page.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peace- in the words of Neale Donald Walsh

Dear All, I love Neale Donald Walsh’s newsletter and get it every day. It is kind of like the Daily Word with Unity… it is aways right on for that day.
I hope that he does not mind me sharing, but this is on Peace and I thought it was great.
“On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know...
....that peace cannot come to this world until you are
convinced that violence will never produce it.

Hurt does not heal hurt. Violence will not bring an end
to violence. Help the world to understand this by
reacting differently, responding newly, when anger and
a need to hurt you is sent your way.

You will have such an opportunity in your life. And
probably, more than once. Do not miss the chance
to humbly send a message of love.

Love, Your Friend....
 Neale Donald Walsh”

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What does the weather do to your creativity?

Here in WA we have had an unusual amount of snow, wind and rain. Do you find that this weather changes how you create? Do you even want to create or do you want to just curl up and read or take naps?

I find that the snow outside creates a peaceful place for me to work. It is colder up in the studio, but if I just put more layers on I am fine. The quiet if a place of rest. I find that I can clear my head better.

Usually the month of January is a very productive month. So bring on this next storm. As long as I have light, I can paint. And then in the afternoon take a nice nap and let the intuition ring in with new ideas.

Here’s to a brand new year and brand new energy for all of us!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love helping other artists!

Here it is another week already. The snow seems to have affected many of us who are not used to this much snow in Washington. Where did this week go?

For creative people , especially artists, there is great help to get you on the right track for success this 2009 year.

Take a look at the smartest Telesummit . I just went into the back to see who was talking on what day and what they are sharing with us. I am so impressed. For the artist who is really ready to fly this year, this is the help you need.


Let me know if you are going to be on the phone also for these calls.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008




The Peace prevails Show comes down on Dec. 28th. For the adventurous soul who does not mind the snow here this week, please stop by the gallery to celebrate Peace Preavails At C Art Gallery in Seattle.


My dear friends Julie Dittmar and Matt Kahn are bringing over 1,000,000 people together in peace। Be a vital part of the "Together As One" global community: http://www.truedivinenature.com/peace.htm

More than one million people from around the world will join together for “Together as One”, a celebration of community building, personal transformation, and universal harmony that counts down to a special 90-minute virtual retreat and healing meditation for global peace on January 20, 2009.

There will be many giveaways for people that join in with all of us.

I have donated a few exquisite pieces of my "peace art" to their TAO global community. In Julies words “ Her art is absolutely amazing, and infused with peaceful vibes and intentions. We are excited to add her art to the growing list of giveaways, you may receive by participating in this global peace gathering!”

Please let everyone in your community know there is still time to be a part of this growing wave of peace and gratitude, and participate in this special healing meditation for the benefit of all beings on earth.

They can join us at: http://www.truedivinenature.com/peace.htm

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Peace Prevails Art Show Opening!

The Peace Prevails Art Show Opening!


What a fun evening. We had representation from The Power of Hope, Treehouse 4 kids, and Seniors Making Art. What a great thrill for Teresa to win the Peace, Hope, and Joy Weaving. Money from the raffle goes to help the above charities and also World Vision.

It was such a joy for me to be with dear friends and meet new friends.

I am so grateful for Cheryl Shaw hosting the Peace Prevails Project phase I at the C Art Gallery.

I am also so grateful for everyone who took time out from their busy life to come and be with me to celebrate this show.

The show is up until Dec. 28th. Please go see the show and be with the art for peace. There are a few more little gifts left in the basket for you to take home with you a piece of Peace.

Thank you for this day. I am so grateful to be doing this work,

PS watch for more pictures of last night coming soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Visit with an incredible person about Peace

Yesterday I had an incredible experience. This was a first for me! I was on contact radio talking with Dawn Stansfield. She is a wonderful woman and I encourage you to go in and see the kind of work she does to help others.
Click on this link to find out more!

"It's a New Day" with Dawn Stansfield, Contact Talk Radio

Dawn and I go way back. Years ago I was one of her artists in her gallery/healing center.
What a joy it was to connect with her again and share the information about my Peace Prevails Project. The universe can sometimes move fast. Phase II of the project is beginning to take some shape.

I would love to hear from you about your thoughts of peace. Listen in to the interview here and let me know what you think about the Peace Prevails Global Art Project.

This is the interview. Please listen and come back to the blog and make a comment. Thank you, Catherine

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Taste of Peace Prevails!

A Taste of Peace Prevails! Here is just a taste of the artwork that we are delivering today for the show at C Art Gallery in Seattle.

The Gallery has uploaded the artwork that will be showing. If you can not come, please go look at the artwork. If you can come, you might want to look at the artwork too. The gallery has set up the website so that anyone can purchase a piece of Peace Prevails to use as a symbol of Peace in their lives.

It is an honor to have my artwork in this gallery. I feel so very blessed in my life.

Go now to take a look at the artwork for the show here: http://www.cartgallery.net/Artist.asp?ArtistID=16588&AKey=9A679CJP

To purchase your raffle ticket just click here: http://www.cartgallery.net/GalleryMain.asp?GalleryID=47665&AKey=9A679CJP

To see all the work for Peace just click here:

I so look forward to meeting many of you at the show Dec. 4th.

In the meantime, Please post your message about Peace. What does peace mean to you? What is it going to take to have peace in our world in our lifetime?

Have a great peaceful day. In love , joy and peace, Catherine

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peace Prevails “Gloria” the Peace Maiden- a Peacemaker for the Earth

My dear Friend Sheryl Allen wrote these little notes about “Gloria” months ago when I first mentioned wanting to create a Peace Warrior.

The Peacemaker
By Sheryl Allen

For thousands of years the masculine warrior energy of force and strength dominated Earth. The feminine qualities of unity and love were thought to be a weakness to be conquered and controlled. Now, this feminine essence is a sleeping giantess awakening in men and women, urging us toward global peace and community leaving war and separation behind.

Weapons of war are forged from metal. To transmute this energy, the Peacemaker wears an iridescent robe of yielding, woven metal embossed with words of peace from languages around the world. The radiant robe symbolizes the light within each of us. It’s tempered yielding strength reminds us to allow love to prevail. Each of the separate pieces is woven together creating one garment of wholeness.

Peace is not just the absence of conflict. True peace is the result of a desire for unity. Peace comes from within and if we are to bring peace to our planet, it begins inside each of us individually. Our true divine nature is peace, love and joy. When we acknowledge and accept all aspects of ourselves and others with love and understanding…peace prevails.

The Peacemaker is symbolic of the possibility of peace within each of our hearts. Cloaked in a robe symbolizing the power of peace, this feminine essence of unity, harmony and love is a reminder of each individual’s power to create peace within themselves…allowing peace on earth to prevail.

PS from Sheryl- I like the term ‘maker’ as it refers to the divine creator to me।

Sheryl’s website is : http://www.terrificme.com/about.htm

**************What is your view of Peace? How would you describe “Gloria” and what she stands for in Peace?

Please comment on “Gloria” and what stirs inside of you. Can peace ever be achieved? Do you feel an inner peace and how do you maintain that in your life?

Thank you, Catherine Foster

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Peace Prevails Project is nearing installation time

The Peace Prevails Project is nearing installation time at C Art Gallery. This is a sample of some of the other artwork being shown. Created from copper and aluminum embossed with the words of peace from around the world, then woven. At the top is a crystal world globe.

I am excited to present this new work from my Peace Prevails Project। I look forward to meeting some of you at the opening on Dec. 4th 5:30 to 8:30.

Don’t forget to purchase your raffle ticket for a large Peace weaving. All the proceeds from the raffle go to help wonderful charities. Thank you… click here now. C-Art Gallery raffle.

“Weaving Peace Through Art” by Catherine Foster


Monday, November 3, 2008

The Peace Goddess/warrior is nearing completion

It gets very exciting near the end of an art project. "Gloria" is almost finished. Everyone who comes to the opening will not only receive a small gift from me, but will be able to take a present with them from "Gloria".

In the last blog I mentioned the Raffle for one of my Peace Weavings. Please share the link with others to help. Many charities are hurting right now and can use your help. For only $5 you can purchase a raffle ticket. I love to give and give all year long, but the holiday season just makes it more special.

Here's to another fun filled day in my studio.
Sincerely Catherine

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For Peace on Earth

Raffle for Peace

"Peace, Hope & Joy"

42"L x 24"W x 2"

Retail $1495

Artist Catherine Foster

Raffle donation to support; Power of Hope, Seniors Making Art, Treehouse for Kids and World Vision.

Drawing to be held at C Art Gallery Thursday December 4.

855 Hiawatha Place, Seattle, WA 98144



Thank you for helping to support these very special organizations who are doing great work on this earth. We look forward to meeting you at the opening of the Peace Prevails Art show on Dec. 4th at C-Art Gallery

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What do you think? Is Glorias helmet too big?

Gloria's helmet came the other day. Do you think it might be too big?

I am having WAY to much fun with "Gloria" the Peace Maiden, actually I think she is becoming the Peace Goddess!

Not sure if I should use this helmet.. What do you think?

Be sure to mark the date of the opening of the show... Dec. 4th.

Click here for your invitation. http://wishupeace.blogspot.com/2008/10/we-invite-you-to-attend-catherine.html

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grateful for all the help on the Peace Project

First of all I wish to thank Cheryl Shaw , the owner of C Art Gallery in Seattle for her belief in my Peace Project and her enthusiasm for this show. I am so very grateful for this opportunity to show the biggest collection of the Peace Project in the gallery.

There is no way that I could finish this collection of the Peace Project by myself. I am so very very grateful for all the people who have been helping me get ready to show by the middle of November.

One of the most important people in my life is my husband Fred. Without his help, I could not do this artwork. He is my adviser, my engineer, hard worker, wood cutter, framer, does all the cooking, helps with the dishes and laundry, helps to deliver the artwork and is always there for me. When I just can not figure out how to improve the artwork or how to get something to work, he is always there to figure it out. I am so very grateful to you Fred for your love, help and belief in me as an artist over many many years.

Our daughter Janelle and her wonderful husband Alex both are so supportive and always have a helping hand. Janelle is helping me weave the clothing for "Gloria" and also for the kimonos, tapestries and other artworks. Alex is helping to create the all the support bases for the free standing sculptures in the show. I love and appreciate you both so much. Thank you.

The other picture is of Jessica, my wonderful assistant helping to bring "Gloria" in from outside after I sprayed "Gloria" Gold. Jessica is my right hand person and has been so valuable in helping me in the studio. Thank You Jessica. You will be missed when you move back to Oregon next month.

Then two very enthusiastic and great people who I do not have pictures of yet, are Tory and Nick Felkey. Nick has been doing the photography for my finished artwork. Tory is helping me with graphics. She created the postcard invitation. Both Tory and Nick are creating a video of the story of "Gloria" and how she became the "Peace Maiden/Warrior. Come back soon to see the first clips. You can connect with Nick and Tory at http://www.nickfelkey.com/ for their help with photography, graphics, web pages and videos.

In addition, I would like to thank Faith Rivera and her husband Nolan for their support. The music of Faith will be used in the video of "Gloria". Please listen to Faith's beautiful voice and hear her songs of Peace at: http://www.faithrivera.com/.

Thank you so much to all my family and friends who have been encouraging me on all these many years, purchasing my artwork and celebrating with me at many art shows. I am grateful for your faith in my ability, love and support.

And then there is YOU. Thank you also for coming back to my blog to see and hear the story of how "Gloria" was created and how the Peace Project is coming along. You will see the complete installation beginning on Nov. 18th through Dec. 28th with the opening on Dec. 4th, 2008. Click here for your invitation to the show: http://wishupeace.blogspot.com/2008/10/we-invite-you-to-attend-catherine.html

Monday, October 13, 2008

How the Peace Project started and "Gloria"

“Weaving Peace Through Art” by Catherine Foster

As a visionary intuitive artist and energy healer, it is my passion to combine both art and healing thus fulfilling my true passion, the Creative Process.

This process starts with images during daily meditations. Each step of the process leads me into a continual adventure as I listen within to loving inner guidance.

I am currently working on my “Peace Prevails Project”.

The project started from images, a desire to feel more peace in my life and to help pass this feeling on to others. I am truly blessed to be doing this work as a service and gift to the world. It is my intent to allow this artwork to become a reminder and symbol of being the peace we desire to experience in our lives.

The “Peace Project” keeps evolving as I am preparing for the peace art show at C Art Gallery in Seattle WA. I work in metal, something that usually is used in “War”, but I use it with the intent of peace. Using my hand carved plates with words of peace in languages from around the world, I emboss the metal, cut it up and weave it into tapestries, robes, kimonos, weavings and freestanding sculptures. As I create this artwork, I practice maintaining a place of peace inside myself. This can be quite a challenge in the world we currently live in, but I strongly feel that peace does start with me. It feels like living a prayer moment by moment as these creations unfold in the studio.

The creative process leads me to trust in what unfolds in the physical. I never know for sure what the end product is going to look like. For example, as part of the show, I am working on a 6 foot sculpture of a “Peace Maiden”. Originally I had planned on creating a Peace Warrior. This changed when I was gifted by Cindy and Don Hoskins, who own Earthenworks galleries in WA. When they heard I was looking for a mannequin to use as a base, they gave me “Gloria” a forgotten 70ish form boxed in the corner of their basement. This is now becoming the “Peace Maiden”. What a joy it is to tune into what “Gloria” wants to wear with the woven embossed metals with words of peace from around the world. Sometimes she speaks to me in dreams and I wake up going “ Oh she wants mesh metal stockings!!! “ , OK, or “ opps the skirt is not short enough”. I am going to be as surprised as much as everyone else what she will end up looking like by Nov. 18th 2008.

You can join in the adventure and fun as “Gloria” readies herself for the show at C Art Gallery beginning Nov. 18th, 2008 through Dec. 28th, 2008 by going to my blog site http://www.wishupeace.blogspot.com. I invite you to keep coming back as my dear friends Tory and Nick Felkey upload clips of videos of the development of “Gloria”. Also come listen to my new friend Faith Rivera’s music of peace in the background. I will be continually writing more about the creative process. Feel free to leave a comment and share a link to your special site about art, healing and peace.

This is your invitation to the show. Please share with others who desire more peace in their lives. http://wishupeace.blogspot.com/2008/10/we-invite-you-to-attend-catherine.html

You can help support this “Peace Project” by going to the galleries below who carry various selections of Peace Prevails Project artwork . If you would like to be included in my listings of galleries, please go to my website and send an email http://www.catherinefoster.com

Art and Soul Gallery
in Burlingame CA
C Art Gallery between Nov.18th to Dec. 28th 2008. Seattle WA
Childhoods End Gallery Olympia WA
Earthenworks Galleries La Conner and Port Townsend WA
For Art Sake Gallery Gig Harbor, WA
Fortin Ironworks Gallery Colombus OHEartheart Gallery Nevada City, CA
Hanson Gallery Houston TX
Pacific Coast Gallery Depoe Bay, OR
Monarch Sculpture Park, Tenino, WA
Secret Cove Online Gallery
Sheridan Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan OR
Sweet Art of Mine Middletown OH
Trios Gallery Solana Beach CA
WICKWIRE Gallery of fine art/folk art Hendersonville, NC

Please also go to the other galleries that currently have other heartfelt peaceful artwork by me, Catherine Foster:
ManyaVee Edmonds WA
Miller Gallery- special show coming in Nov. with 3 Kimonos , Cincinnati, OH
The Playful Garden Napa CA
The Real Mother Goose in the downtown and airport store
The Classic Woman Anchorage Alaska
M.L. Gosling, Sarasota FL

January 2009 Kimono no. 26 will be installed at UC Irvine new Hospital in Irvine CA. Please go say hello to Kimono no. 26 for me. Talk with art consultants Jane Thompson jdtassoc@cox.net or Robin Spear 310-837-1289
For my artwork in medical facilities.

See my creation for Bridging Heaven and Earth at: http://www.heaventoearthart.com/gallery_11.html
The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation
website, (www.HeavenToEarth.com), which
includes, among many other things, a great
deal of information about our television show,
"Bridging Heaven & Earth".
Also please check out
Bridging's International Healing Art Project at:

In Love, Joy and Peace, Catherine Foster

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Arts and Healing organization

As an artist working with the intent to place healing energies in my artwork, I am pleased to connect with Art Heals.org. Please take a look at this fabulous organization.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bras for a Cause

"Bras for a Cause"

You are invited to the special event benefiting: Harrison Medical Center Healing Garden, Hospice of Kitsap County WA, and harmony Hill Retreat Center.

Last year I created a copper bra for the Soroptimist International of Greater North Kitsap where I embossed the words of Hope. This year, to the left, I have created a bra embossing the words of Peace from around the world and then woven them together to create this orginal piece of art.

The event which includes an auction of originally hand made art bras, crusies, vacation stays in remote places, artwork, and many other special items. It will be an incredible event also featuring entertainment by Comedian Cathy Sorbo, live music by Hit Sensation, Heavy Hors D'oeuvres with no host bar

Saturday, October 18, 2008 Call 360-692-2462 for tickets. Please come join us for the fun.
go to: www.signk.org/index_files/Bra%20Registration%202008.pdf

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Healing ARts Blog: Women Making Art: A Time Guiltily Seized

This link is perfect with my last entry. It speaks to all creative women.
Take a look at this wonderful video.

Inspired by the documentary film that you should see if you are an artist and juggle the home front, relationships, and your creative work.


What is the Art of Art?

The Art of Art is the creative process. It is the process of the art of being present and in the flow. Why is this considered an art? Just like any technique, it takes practice every single day to live a conscious life. For me it is the art in progress. My life is the art in progress.

This is how I approach my art, especially the Peace Project I am currently focusing on. To create peaceful art means being in a state of peace while creating the artwork. Not always an easy task. Just like everyone else we have so much going on in our lives. Things to do. Goals to make. Constant mind chatter.

I find that when I can maintain a sense of peace while doing this creative work that others feel that peace. It makes my work so powerful and meaningful to continue practicing the Art of Art.

This is my creative process and passion combining the art and the healing energies together to serve in the world.

Read more about the Peace Project at www.catherinefoster.com

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What is the Creative Process?

As I create the artworks for the upcoming show at C Art Gallery, I thought it might be fun to talk about the creative process that I go through. So each day I will record a segment of this creative process.

Everyone is different. I am always curious as to what other artists, writers, designers and all creative people go through before completing a project. I would love to hear from you what your process is. For me it is process of going within, feeling connected to source and following my intuition and maintaining a sense of peace within.

With the Peace Project the creative process started from a meditation and an image about 2 years ago. The images sat growing inside my mind for many months before I started to work on researching words of peace in languages from around the world. This in itself was over 3 months of searching organizing. From there I started to hand carve two large plates with as many peace words as I could.