Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peace Prevails “Gloria” the Peace Maiden- a Peacemaker for the Earth

My dear Friend Sheryl Allen wrote these little notes about “Gloria” months ago when I first mentioned wanting to create a Peace Warrior.

The Peacemaker
By Sheryl Allen

For thousands of years the masculine warrior energy of force and strength dominated Earth. The feminine qualities of unity and love were thought to be a weakness to be conquered and controlled. Now, this feminine essence is a sleeping giantess awakening in men and women, urging us toward global peace and community leaving war and separation behind.

Weapons of war are forged from metal. To transmute this energy, the Peacemaker wears an iridescent robe of yielding, woven metal embossed with words of peace from languages around the world. The radiant robe symbolizes the light within each of us. It’s tempered yielding strength reminds us to allow love to prevail. Each of the separate pieces is woven together creating one garment of wholeness.

Peace is not just the absence of conflict. True peace is the result of a desire for unity. Peace comes from within and if we are to bring peace to our planet, it begins inside each of us individually. Our true divine nature is peace, love and joy. When we acknowledge and accept all aspects of ourselves and others with love and understanding…peace prevails.

The Peacemaker is symbolic of the possibility of peace within each of our hearts. Cloaked in a robe symbolizing the power of peace, this feminine essence of unity, harmony and love is a reminder of each individual’s power to create peace within themselves…allowing peace on earth to prevail.

PS from Sheryl- I like the term ‘maker’ as it refers to the divine creator to me।

Sheryl’s website is :

**************What is your view of Peace? How would you describe “Gloria” and what she stands for in Peace?

Please comment on “Gloria” and what stirs inside of you. Can peace ever be achieved? Do you feel an inner peace and how do you maintain that in your life?

Thank you, Catherine Foster


Rebecca Westeren said...

Catherine's work is visionary. It speaks to anyone-anywhere! A menagerie of color woven with texture.

Rebecca Westeren
For Art Sake

Elizabeth said...

Catherine, your work is an inspiration for all artists to focus at least some of their work on healing this planet. Thank you for Gloria and all your other glorious peace-focused visionary art.