Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Taste of Peace Prevails!

A Taste of Peace Prevails! Here is just a taste of the artwork that we are delivering today for the show at C Art Gallery in Seattle.

The Gallery has uploaded the artwork that will be showing. If you can not come, please go look at the artwork. If you can come, you might want to look at the artwork too. The gallery has set up the website so that anyone can purchase a piece of Peace Prevails to use as a symbol of Peace in their lives.

It is an honor to have my artwork in this gallery. I feel so very blessed in my life.

Go now to take a look at the artwork for the show here:

To purchase your raffle ticket just click here:

To see all the work for Peace just click here:

I so look forward to meeting many of you at the show Dec. 4th.

In the meantime, Please post your message about Peace. What does peace mean to you? What is it going to take to have peace in our world in our lifetime?

Have a great peaceful day. In love , joy and peace, Catherine

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