Monday, November 3, 2008

The Peace Goddess/warrior is nearing completion

It gets very exciting near the end of an art project. "Gloria" is almost finished. Everyone who comes to the opening will not only receive a small gift from me, but will be able to take a present with them from "Gloria".

In the last blog I mentioned the Raffle for one of my Peace Weavings. Please share the link with others to help. Many charities are hurting right now and can use your help. For only $5 you can purchase a raffle ticket. I love to give and give all year long, but the holiday season just makes it more special.

Here's to another fun filled day in my studio.
Sincerely Catherine

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Toni Elizabeth Sar'h said...

Catherine, Gloria is breathtaking! Thank you for bringing this awe-inspiring gifts to the Planet Earth. You are a gift to us all.