Monday, October 13, 2008

How the Peace Project started and "Gloria"

“Weaving Peace Through Art” by Catherine Foster

As a visionary intuitive artist and energy healer, it is my passion to combine both art and healing thus fulfilling my true passion, the Creative Process.

This process starts with images during daily meditations. Each step of the process leads me into a continual adventure as I listen within to loving inner guidance.

I am currently working on my “Peace Prevails Project”.

The project started from images, a desire to feel more peace in my life and to help pass this feeling on to others. I am truly blessed to be doing this work as a service and gift to the world. It is my intent to allow this artwork to become a reminder and symbol of being the peace we desire to experience in our lives.

The “Peace Project” keeps evolving as I am preparing for the peace art show at C Art Gallery in Seattle WA. I work in metal, something that usually is used in “War”, but I use it with the intent of peace. Using my hand carved plates with words of peace in languages from around the world, I emboss the metal, cut it up and weave it into tapestries, robes, kimonos, weavings and freestanding sculptures. As I create this artwork, I practice maintaining a place of peace inside myself. This can be quite a challenge in the world we currently live in, but I strongly feel that peace does start with me. It feels like living a prayer moment by moment as these creations unfold in the studio.

The creative process leads me to trust in what unfolds in the physical. I never know for sure what the end product is going to look like. For example, as part of the show, I am working on a 6 foot sculpture of a “Peace Maiden”. Originally I had planned on creating a Peace Warrior. This changed when I was gifted by Cindy and Don Hoskins, who own Earthenworks galleries in WA. When they heard I was looking for a mannequin to use as a base, they gave me “Gloria” a forgotten 70ish form boxed in the corner of their basement. This is now becoming the “Peace Maiden”. What a joy it is to tune into what “Gloria” wants to wear with the woven embossed metals with words of peace from around the world. Sometimes she speaks to me in dreams and I wake up going “ Oh she wants mesh metal stockings!!! “ , OK, or “ opps the skirt is not short enough”. I am going to be as surprised as much as everyone else what she will end up looking like by Nov. 18th 2008.

You can join in the adventure and fun as “Gloria” readies herself for the show at C Art Gallery beginning Nov. 18th, 2008 through Dec. 28th, 2008 by going to my blog site I invite you to keep coming back as my dear friends Tory and Nick Felkey upload clips of videos of the development of “Gloria”. Also come listen to my new friend Faith Rivera’s music of peace in the background. I will be continually writing more about the creative process. Feel free to leave a comment and share a link to your special site about art, healing and peace.

This is your invitation to the show. Please share with others who desire more peace in their lives.

You can help support this “Peace Project” by going to the galleries below who carry various selections of Peace Prevails Project artwork . If you would like to be included in my listings of galleries, please go to my website and send an email

Art and Soul Gallery
in Burlingame CA
C Art Gallery between Nov.18th to Dec. 28th 2008. Seattle WA
Childhoods End Gallery Olympia WA
Earthenworks Galleries La Conner and Port Townsend WA
For Art Sake Gallery Gig Harbor, WA
Fortin Ironworks Gallery Colombus OHEartheart Gallery Nevada City, CA
Hanson Gallery Houston TX
Pacific Coast Gallery Depoe Bay, OR
Monarch Sculpture Park, Tenino, WA
Secret Cove Online Gallery
Sheridan Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan OR
Sweet Art of Mine Middletown OH
Trios Gallery Solana Beach CA
WICKWIRE Gallery of fine art/folk art Hendersonville, NC

Please also go to the other galleries that currently have other heartfelt peaceful artwork by me, Catherine Foster:
ManyaVee Edmonds WA
Miller Gallery- special show coming in Nov. with 3 Kimonos , Cincinnati, OH
The Playful Garden Napa CA
The Real Mother Goose in the downtown and airport store
The Classic Woman Anchorage Alaska
M.L. Gosling, Sarasota FL

January 2009 Kimono no. 26 will be installed at UC Irvine new Hospital in Irvine CA. Please go say hello to Kimono no. 26 for me. Talk with art consultants Jane Thompson or Robin Spear 310-837-1289
For my artwork in medical facilities.

See my creation for Bridging Heaven and Earth at:
The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation
website, (, which
includes, among many other things, a great
deal of information about our television show,
"Bridging Heaven & Earth".
Also please check out
Bridging's International Healing Art Project at:

In Love, Joy and Peace, Catherine Foster

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