Monday, April 6, 2009

News About theWing Luke Museum Auction

Wow, life just keeps getting more and more exciting! On Sat. Fred and I went to the auction at the Harbor Convention Center in Seattle and received VIP treatment from the museum.

My Peace Prevails Kimono #13 received much attention. one of the highlights of the night was meeting our next Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and his beautiful wife Mona. What a treat! Mona reminds me of Michelle Obama and is a very gracious person. When they get to Washington DC and know what kind of space they have to work with, Mona said she would call and commission me for a Peace Prevails Kimono. I am not holding my breath, but am hopeful that one of my peace artworks will be in our countries capital.

Then on top of all that, the kimono sold well over the retail price. The new owners John Sy-Eng and Sandy Chock-Eng are part of the Wing Luke family. I got to have my picture taken with them. So when they finish painting their living room they are giving a party for us to celebrate the hanging of the Peace kimono in their home. You can see a catalog of the art at the auction here

I feel so very very honored and blessed. My dreams about getting the Peace Prevails Project out into the world is coimg true.

Artists....never give up!

Here is to a bright sunny day in the NW! Catherine

PS I was worried about my cast from my broken wrist at the auction. It turned out to be a way to start a conversation when people asked me how I broke my wrist.

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