Monday, July 13, 2009

July Newsletter- Come say hello!

  Have a Great Day!!! See  This is my Grate Wind Chime..see note at bottom of the newsletter
( this is my granddaughter Ana holding my wind chime)

Wishing you a great day today!* Wow it is July already. Can you believe it? Special Invite for you: I am the featured artist at Earthenworks Gallery in Port Townsend WA  On July 16th.2009 This coming Thursday! Meet Me in Port Townsend between 1-5pm     Earthenworks Gallery- 702 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368- 360-385-0328 I have new designs I would love to have you see in person.  ****************************** Come to the Port Gamble Art Show/fair in Kingston! July 24,25,26th  Booth #21 at:  Come to the park right next to the ferry at the end of NE State Highway 104 Kingston WA. Please come by and say hello to Alex Holland of HollandArts and our daughter Janelle Holland.  They have beautiful copper artwork and will have some of my new designs, a kimono and more.  I will be watching our granddaughter Ana, and will come in and out during that time. Hope to see you there! ***************************************** Artists- this is a great site to join. Artists2Artists associated with the Art Deadline list.  I am the featured artist the week of July 27th.  I have written an article about how artists can promote themselves on twitter and facebook. Hope you enjoy! ***************************************** Learn from the best: The Prosperity Tribe is starting on July 16th. They have a special offer of only $27 to try it out. Kristin and David Morelli are the most incredible teachers of how to manifest your dreams, clear patterns and blocks that are keeping you from living your life from what you do and love the best.  You can check out all the incredible gifts you will receive this month here: ***************************************** Let's connect Twitter- Facebook fan page: You Tube- Linkedin- Artists2Artists: Podcast where you can teach your classes and learn from others.: I am no expert in the social networking area, but I enjoy and expand my learning from the best: Mari Smith is considered the queen of Twitter and Facebook as far as knowing how to do it right!

* About wishing you a "great day"! My sister Ellie Lange creates special wind chimes. This is the one she created for me. Why all the grates? She said that I am always saying "Have a great day" so she made me one to go with that saying. Thank You Ellie.   You can find Ellies special wind chimes at: The Playful Garden in Napa Calif. PS this is a very special store! Owned by my sister Mimi Glavin She also features the artwork of my sister Susie Miller, my neice Molly Perolio and my kimonos!WOOOHOOO Mimi! This is a family affair PPS My sister Diana Higbee Reginato is also very creative as are all my siblings (family of 9!) Please go to Diana's trailer on her book " While the Wind Blows" here: Thank you for spending time with me today. Wishing you all a great day! Catherine ARE YOU ON MY MAILING LIST: do you need to update your email or do you want to pass my newsletter on to other people? I so appreciate your support. Just go to: and let me know if you want your name added or deleted. Thank you for being in my life experience. catherine Watch my blog: Http:// 

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